18 August 2008

Secret Pal Question #10

What Olympic event would best describe your knitting style?

I've thought and thought. The best I can come up with is race walking. Why? Well, it's not the fastest, the flashiest or the sexiest event. It's all about rhythm and attention to form. Keep on keeping on and ultimately, you cross that finish line.
That's most of the time. Occasionally, I feel bold and adventurous. Then my knitting is like the silver medal trampoline performance of Karen Cockburn. Way to go girl!

In other SP12 events, I bought a bunch of fun little things to send to my Secret Pal and dutifully put them where I'd be able to find them after the move. Now, of course, I can't find them. I can't even remember what some of them were!


elisabetha said...

that would be my knitting style as well...although most times i don't cross that finish line! well, i guess never say never ;p glad your move went well!

Scheherazaad said...

There is no Olympic event that includes long bouts of procrastination. I do like multiple projects so I think mine would be the Heptathalon. Actually you also don't do the evenets all at once so there is waiting if not procrastination. Nobody wins all of the events but you can do them all and in some you are outstanding.

Pennie said...

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