20 August 2008

Little Things I Do

  • I bought hot green chutney and will pour it all over anything I want.
  • I hang things; pictures, curtain rods and pots. I use the wrong type of nails every time. All the things are still hanging.
  • I make the bed in the morning. In the evening, it's still made.
  • At night, I listen to CBC Two's The Signal with Laurie Brown.
  • I have prominently displayed this:

...which I purchased at a garage sale for the low price of five dollars. What is it, you ask? It is not, as some have declared, ugly. What it is, quite simply, is The Best Thing Ever.

1 comment:

alt.ayu said...

i never dared to hang anything at home. I mean i do but I use those 3M thingys which I don't have to hammer a nail into the wall. The reason's not really because I don't know how to but more of the fact that our apartments have very thin walls - I don't think I want to add more hairline cracks to the ones already there!