28 August 2008

Involuntary Knitting Free Holiday

I've just returned from a short trip to Stratford on which I knit not a single stitch. Enroute, aboard the train I did this...
I sat on my project bag, breaking the needle. Bummer. I tried but could not find knitting needles anywhere in Stratford. It made for a long trip. Too bad. The sock, Springing Forward, was coming along so nicely and I was looking forward to making good progress.
About Stratford. My advice is to skip The Music Man. Proceed directly to Hamlet. Ben Carlson is the best I've seen. It's a true theatrical triumph.

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Needle Addict said...

the only places one can find knitting needles in Stratford are at Zellers and Giant Tiger, and they are usually giant and plastic. It's funny because Stratford seems like the sort of place where the streets are lined with knitting needles.