01 August 2008


I ...
bought furniture,
got a line of credit,
arranged internet and hydro,
booked movers,
dealt with the insurance company,
packed like a crazed fiend,
booked a vacation!

Brought home the bacon and fried it up in a pan...cause I'M A WO-Man! ....wait...that wasn't me...
Moving tomorrow. I'll be off line for a bit.


Anonymous said...

you are awesome -- I can't even imagine doing all that in the heat of summer. he new place will be great - suckh a nice area to live, and I bet wonderful things will be coming your way!

I am hoping that the parcel I dropped in the mail to you will arrive after the holiday weekend, and be the first bit of mail you get at your new place ... I was hoping that I could get it timed for your first day living there (darn Canada Post and their "no weekend deliveries"!), so it will be there on Tuesday. There is a theme to this parcel (which I have left for you to figure out!)

Happy long weekend to you!

Your Sp12 Pal

Anonymous said...

Have i mentioned that I am a terrible typer, and a worse proof-reader? Sorry about all the typos above!

Your bad spelling, non proof reading, fast fingered, slow witted SP12 Pal

Miss Scarlett said...

Good for you!
You have been one busy woman.
I can hardly wait to see pictures of your new place.

Our lives are sounding a little parallel at the moment...we are packing to move at the end of this month and I just secured a place on Thursday -- that was such a RELIEF!
Me Mom's moving far away from me

But we'll still visit I'm sure. I know we will.
She is taking the cat that sheds the most...so it's not all bad news! (just kidding)

I hope you have fun setting up in your new digs!

Marin (AntiM) said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! "wait... that wasn't me..."

Change is exhilarating. Keep telling yourself that and we'll see you on the flip side.

canknitian said...

WAY TO GO! You are amazing! Think of all the great things your new life will bring with it! I am SO PROUD of you!

Hoping you're doing a joyful dance all through your new place and sending you a million good wishes and BIG HUGS,