29 August 2008

Really BIG Sale

In The Loop Cafe
has gone out of business due to a devastating flood. All the yarn that was saved will be sold for wholesale prices.

Please come to the Lawn Sale this weekend

9am - 4pm Saturday and Sunday August 30, 31
Pick up some amazing prices on beautiful yarn and help In The Loop recoop some of their losses :).

LOCATION: 76 Duggan Ave.

TTC: Subway to St. Clair Station, walk North to Lawton Blvd. ( at Heath Street), take Lawton Blvd. to Duggan. The house is at the top of the street near Oriole Parkway.

Or, take the #5 Avenue Road bus North from St. Clair and Avenue Road and get off at Duggan Ave.

I went to the presale last night along with the rest of the regular S'n'B gang. The deals are truly amazing and the yarn is sooo beautiful. I went with a small budget and got all this product. Most of these I have been craving for ages but just couldn't afford them. There's lots and lots of yarn left. They're also selling all their books, magazines, needles and notions. Don't miss it! Bring cash! I love these women and can't even talk about how much I'll miss my beautiful LYS. Help them out while enhancing your stash.

28 August 2008

Involuntary Knitting Free Holiday

I've just returned from a short trip to Stratford on which I knit not a single stitch. Enroute, aboard the train I did this...
I sat on my project bag, breaking the needle. Bummer. I tried but could not find knitting needles anywhere in Stratford. It made for a long trip. Too bad. The sock, Springing Forward, was coming along so nicely and I was looking forward to making good progress.
About Stratford. My advice is to skip The Music Man. Proceed directly to Hamlet. Ben Carlson is the best I've seen. It's a true theatrical triumph.

20 August 2008

Little Things I Do

  • I bought hot green chutney and will pour it all over anything I want.
  • I hang things; pictures, curtain rods and pots. I use the wrong type of nails every time. All the things are still hanging.
  • I make the bed in the morning. In the evening, it's still made.
  • At night, I listen to CBC Two's The Signal with Laurie Brown.
  • I have prominently displayed this:

...which I purchased at a garage sale for the low price of five dollars. What is it, you ask? It is not, as some have declared, ugly. What it is, quite simply, is The Best Thing Ever.

18 August 2008

Secret Pal Question #10

What Olympic event would best describe your knitting style?

I've thought and thought. The best I can come up with is race walking. Why? Well, it's not the fastest, the flashiest or the sexiest event. It's all about rhythm and attention to form. Keep on keeping on and ultimately, you cross that finish line.
That's most of the time. Occasionally, I feel bold and adventurous. Then my knitting is like the silver medal trampoline performance of Karen Cockburn. Way to go girl!

In other SP12 events, I bought a bunch of fun little things to send to my Secret Pal and dutifully put them where I'd be able to find them after the move. Now, of course, I can't find them. I can't even remember what some of them were!

16 August 2008


Hi All. I'm back. The move went well but was, as such things always are, exhausting. I spent the first week of August (without internet!) sorting, hammering, unpacking, hanging, lifting, and trying to turn this apartment into a comfortable home. Not done yet, but getting there! All the change has left me a bit of a wreck. I've just returned from a short holiday spent with a friend, in our nation's capital. I am feeling more rested and slightly less overwhelmed.
I did want to share with you this lovely package I received from my Secret Pal. The theme, obviously, is purple. The woman loves a theme! Gum, bath salts, note paper, yarn and beads. The beautiful necklace I've worn almost every day since the parcel arrived and the hand knit cloth is about to be used in the bath I'm going to take as soon as I get off the computer. Thanks again Pal. You're so thoughtful.

01 August 2008


I ...
bought furniture,
got a line of credit,
arranged internet and hydro,
booked movers,
dealt with the insurance company,
packed like a crazed fiend,
booked a vacation!

Brought home the bacon and fried it up in a pan...cause I'M A WO-Man! ....wait...that wasn't me...
Moving tomorrow. I'll be off line for a bit.