24 July 2008

Random Grace

Remember "The Post". Well the post, as such, never happened but the intention, the momentum of the intention, has remained with me all these months. I've kept in mind that horoscope's advice:

"...heal the pain so that you no longer have to numb it. The astrological omens say that if you establish that as your intention, you will attract into your life the helpers and inspiration you need to make it happen. More than that: You'll be likely to generate the kind of good fortune that will render at least some of the pain obsolete."

Things that I have learned: If you ask for help, people will help you! This has been a huge one for me. I've been a control freak for so long. I've had to learn to let that go and accept help. My heart has been filled to overflowing lately with the generosity and just plain niceness of some folks.

If you put out good energy and believe in the bounty of the universe, good things can come back to you. My miracle apartment for example. My current temp position that came to me through someone else's thoughtfulness, and that may lead to something more permanent. The internet friends I've made through Secret Pal and blogging.

What brought all this rambling on? Chairs. One week to my move date and I was slightly stressed over lack of chairs.. I have a beautiful old kitchen table that was my Grandma's. The matching chairs disintegrated long ago and I was concerned about having no place to place my bottom. Then, yesterday, arriving home from work, what do I see? The man across the street has placed out, as garbage, four perfectly decent kitchen chairs. The seat cushions just need re-covering. Otherwise, they're perfect for the new place.

See? Good fortune. Weird.


Anonymous said...

Things just have a mystical way of working themselves out. That is great that you have new chairs (one less thing to worry about - or, to put a positive spin on it, one more thing to be excited about as you start this new chapter in life).
As hard as it is to not worry about things, I have recently decided to not worry about the things I can't change or affect ... and it is like the stars are starting to come into line for me ... and it seems like they are for you too (I don't know your back story, but it seems like you are really going through a big step in life now)

I'll be thinking of you over the next few weeks, and hoping everything works out well for you -- the area you are moving to looks lovely, and a great place for a new start.

Your SP 12 Pal
P. S. If I get to the post office tomorrow, your 2nd parcel will be in the mail to you ... if not, I'll mail it Monday. It has a theme!

Miss Scarlett said...

That's so wonderful to read - how things are working out and people are reaching out. Heartwarming!

That is really cool about the chairs too.

I'm listening to your YouTube link right now -- Bono is never OLD! Sigh...