10 July 2008

Oh Pal O' Mine!

A temptingly compact parcel awaited my arrival home today. It fit snugly in the mailbox and screamed to be opened. What could all the pretty silver paper contain?

Clever Pal! She obviously likes organizing by theme which appeals greatly to my brain. It's an entirely fair trade gift! Chocolate and coffee and then coffee beans covered in chocolate. I've tried one of these already and they are delicious. I love the tiny clay pot. It shall be used for hiding a tiny, magic object of some sort.
And the yarn!! Of course there is yarn! It's my new pet! Lush and soft alpaca, slightly more pink than the photo shows. Don't you just love the label graphic? It makes me so glad that I keep a yarn label book.

This reminds me that I've always meant to blog that book. My lovely scrapbook contains a label from every yarn I've used with a sample snip of the yarn itself taped beside. Thus I know the details and care instructions of every project. I take a knitting stroll down memory lane each time I open the pages.

Now, about those Secret Pal 12 weekly questions. I feel somewhat like a rebellious child in not answering them promptly. Ack! Pressure! Forgive me if I don't get to them all but I never did my homework in school either. So, where would I like to go on vacation? I don't know about my "dream" trip, but I do hope to get away with The Daughter for a few days in August. We're considering Stratford for a play or two. Yes, I have a kid who actually likes Shakespeare. Yay! Me too!


Miss Scarlett said...

What a lovely gift package!

I have to say that your yarn label book is brilliant! Seriously. I am so copying that.

To have the care instructions for easy reference? Ingenious.

And I agree - that label is particularly cool.

Careful with those choco covered coffee beans - you might not sleep. ;-)

Knit & Purl Mama said...

Great loot! Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Hi ... glad to know you like the presents (the label for the Frog Tree is so cute ... I love the funky little frog, and the yarn is pretty soft too).

I like the idea of your label scrapbook -- how organized you are!

I just picked up the last of the items today for your second parcel, and will likely wait until the 3rd or 4th week of July before sending it out, so your presnets will be spaced out over the duratiopn of the swap ... unless you would prefer to have it sent sooner ??? If so, it can happen!