12 July 2008

Cabled and Done

Pattern: Modified from a vintage knitting book. My first short row heel is pictured above. The book called it the "auto heel", an interesting name. I like the way it feels on the foot. I also appreciate the significantly smaller number of picked-up stitches in this method.

Elann.com Esprit - Cotton with a touch of elastic (basically a Cascade Fixation knock-off). I wanted to try knitting a longer sock that would stay up so this seemed like a good use for some of the discontinued colours clearance yarn I bought a while back.

Kinki Amibari bamboo circulars, 2.25mm. LOVE these. I'm not usually passionate about needles but these, I LOVE! They're extremely strong, yet elegant and smooth. They have a swivel join which makes magic looping trouble free. I bought them from a vendor at The Frolic and am now wishing I bought several more sizes.


Anonymous said...

Wow! They turned out loverly! Such a nice long pair of socks, and the cabling really stands out ... they are a real accomplishment (I never make long socks, and get very proud if my cuff is longer than 5 inches, lol!)

So, what's next on the nice new needles ... I followed your link, and they look spectacular. I had never seen them before, but now want a pair!

Have a great, relaxing Sunday morning!

Knit & Purl Mama said...

Those look great! Love the color!

Miss Scarlett said...

Your socks look great!
Really nice job on your 1st cable project lady. Very impressive.