26 June 2008

Questions, Questions

Last week's SP12 question of the week (What did you look forward to most about summer vacation when you were a kid?) went unanswered but not unconsidered. I simply couldn't remember looking forward to any particular aspect of summer holidays. Looking back, I remember what I loved about childhood summers. I loved the freedom of practically living in my bathing suit for two months as the neighbourhood kids were always running through sprinklers or charging off to the public pool. Shoes were rarely worn and by the end of the summer, I could walk over gravel and not feel it. Did you play outside until the street lights came on? We did.And fruit. When I was wee, pale imitations of strawberries, plums, cherries and peaches were not widely distributed year round like they are today. Locally grown fruit, sweet and juicy, appeared only in season and was relished and gorged upon for those brief, delicious, times.

This is all hindsight of course. One of the wonders of childhood is the lack of "looking forward to" and "looking back upon". Kids usually just live in the present - as much as the adults around them will allow, anyway. It's only us grown ups who spend so much time living in the other worlds of the future and the past. We could all use a bit more time in "Right Now", dontchya think?

Is this too much for a simple question? If so, I apologize to my Pal and whomever else may be reading my ramblings. My blog, my brain. Knitting content to follow...


Not An Artist said...

"What did you look forward to most about summer vacation when you were a kid?"

Not being in school. Hands down!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your childhood and mine were quite similar -- living in a swim suit, no shoes and only getting the summer fruits and berries when they were in season, not gross tasteless fruit year round like we have now! (I once ate so many fresh peaches - from Ontario - that I developed sores the whole way around my waist from the acid in the fruit - I think I ate a bushel of them, just because they ere delicious, and you could only get them in the summer for a few weeks!

I love to read your blog -- whether it's knitting content or fun stories ithout a whiff of yarn fumes! Getting to know you is what the whole Secret Pal swap is about. I went shopping for you on the weekend, and will likely send your first parcel out in a few days.

Take care -

You Pal!

Miss Scarlett said...

Love it! It's not too much.

I forgot about living in my bathing suit.
I actually did that each summer until about 2 yrs ago.

Maybe I'll reinstitute it.
I know I'm doing that with fruit & veg...