28 June 2008

My New Love

What brilliant mind thought of combining two of my favourite things, cotton and alpaca, together? Throw in a hint of poly amide for strength and you've got Artesanal from AslanTrends Yarns. I picked it up at In The Loop's summer yarn sale. I've a bit of a problem here. I intended it for my Secret Pal, but I have fallen seriously and passionately in love. What to do, what to do? 'Tis a quandary indeed.

There's been another "Question" posed. What is the perfect amount of stash? I suppose one that just feels manageable and right. At the moment, mine feels a bit over-the-top. Well, all my possessions feel suffocating and heavy in my current state. I've been culling for months. Good thing Hayley is having monthly yarn swaps. I intend to unload a bunch of my crafting acrylic on July 12. I know she can find it a good home.


Miss Scarlett said...

Mmm...cotton & alpaca. Sounds heavenly. It is difficult when you buy something great for someone else and fall in love with it!

I oughta know! The same thing just happened to me.

Good luck with the yarn swap (what a great idea).

Anonymous said...

That yarn is lovely ... such a pretty rusty red. Can you give some to your pal and keep some? LOL!

I'll try to get your package off to the post office by the end of the week... maybe the idea of having a surprize on its way to you will help you to separate with the lovely yarn you have pictured? I can see why it is hard to part with (your pal doesn't know yet ... keep it and get her something else! LOL!)

Toodles for now!
Your Secret Pal

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Alpaca and cotton......I had never heard of the mix but sounds great, knit some up quick and let us know how it knits up...I wonder who would carry it in our area?? Now I will not get it off my mind!!