02 April 2008

Trying to Bloom.

So, I go shopping at my favourite second hand store for job interview clothes and find out he's closing. The city has spit him out. After a forced move by his previous landlord, his business is failing in the new location. So, he and his wife are moving to effing Hamilton where housing is half the price and they'll commute in for work.

I tried on 14 pairs of pants that were all too tight across the hips and miles too big in the waist because no one makes clothes for women with big asses.

I bought a beautiful long velvet coat which I will wear over my ugly old clothes so at least I'll feel attractive when I arrive at the interview. I really need to get a job soon so I can move out of my smelly, unhappy house.

When I arrived home just now, I cleaned from the front garden all the wet winter garbage that the melting snow had revealed. Beneath it were some tiny green branches. My phlox is trying to bloom. O, hurry up Spring!

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