30 April 2008

Frolic: Part Deux

My other major score at The Frolic was this fabulous, amazing, Laurel Burch design tote. I vacillated for quite a while between this and some beautiful Dyed in the Wool Handmade sock yarn. I could afford only one. In the end, practicality won over. The bag was chosen as being the more useful item. It's large enough to throw in all my assorted daily crap, my lunch bag and a small knitting project. The long strap means I can throw it across my shoulder and hop on the bike. Just look at the beautiful detailing. The jute strung wooden bead? That stitched-on piping? Gorgeous.

Apres the Frolic, Michelle and I headed over to Lettuce Knit for the Big Girl Knits II launch. It was such a lovely party with the usual knitterly good will flowing. I took a holiday from my self imposed alcohol free state and imbibed much red wine. All ended well thanks to Cheryl driving my soggy self home. Does anyone know Cheryl? Does she have a blog so I can thank her properly?
I lurrve this blurry snap of Jillian Moreno, myself and Amy Singer. We all look so pretty!


Sandi Purl said...

great bag! and you always look purty - blurry or no!

alt.ayu said...

nice bag!! and the photo is indeed great~!! :D