27 April 2008

Frolic, Frolic

Well, thanks to a serendipitous car rental on the part of Michelle, our DKC Knitter's Frolic outing was not upset by the dumb-ass TTC strike. She, Meredith and I rode comfortably through the overcrowded Toronto streets to the largest Frolic yet.
Yarn overload! Sensory overload! So many smiling familiar faces. Cash registers everywhere going ding dong ding.

Hands down, the best display of the event was created by Emily of The Naked Sheep. She used her personal collection of vintage housewares to great effect. Yarn adorned a stove and an ironing board. Spilled out of a washtub, a breadbox, canisters, and a blender. It was truly gorgeous.

Above, Sarah guards the cash box. Can you see the vintage linens on the tables? I covet them in a big, big way. Below is the very clever Emily.

Here are some of my yarn purchases - a deep charcoal merino silk laceweight and two skeins of old reliable Briggs and Little in a heathered brown. I can't even tell you from which vendor I purchased. Frankly, it's a bit of a blur! I also picked up some needles, and a fabulous new bag. I'm quite proud to say that I went in with a set budget and stuck to it. Present back. Pat, Pat, frolic, frolic.

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Not An Artist said...

I was a teeny bit over budget. But I bought so much lovely stuff I have no regrets!!

I hope you got home from the party ok -- it seemed like I turned around and suddenly everyone had disappeared, so I hope I didn't accidentally abandon you in the backyard or something ;)