30 April 2008

Frolic: Part Deux

My other major score at The Frolic was this fabulous, amazing, Laurel Burch design tote. I vacillated for quite a while between this and some beautiful Dyed in the Wool Handmade sock yarn. I could afford only one. In the end, practicality won over. The bag was chosen as being the more useful item. It's large enough to throw in all my assorted daily crap, my lunch bag and a small knitting project. The long strap means I can throw it across my shoulder and hop on the bike. Just look at the beautiful detailing. The jute strung wooden bead? That stitched-on piping? Gorgeous.

Apres the Frolic, Michelle and I headed over to Lettuce Knit for the Big Girl Knits II launch. It was such a lovely party with the usual knitterly good will flowing. I took a holiday from my self imposed alcohol free state and imbibed much red wine. All ended well thanks to Cheryl driving my soggy self home. Does anyone know Cheryl? Does she have a blog so I can thank her properly?
I lurrve this blurry snap of Jillian Moreno, myself and Amy Singer. We all look so pretty!

27 April 2008

Frolic, Frolic

Well, thanks to a serendipitous car rental on the part of Michelle, our DKC Knitter's Frolic outing was not upset by the dumb-ass TTC strike. She, Meredith and I rode comfortably through the overcrowded Toronto streets to the largest Frolic yet.
Yarn overload! Sensory overload! So many smiling familiar faces. Cash registers everywhere going ding dong ding.

Hands down, the best display of the event was created by Emily of The Naked Sheep. She used her personal collection of vintage housewares to great effect. Yarn adorned a stove and an ironing board. Spilled out of a washtub, a breadbox, canisters, and a blender. It was truly gorgeous.

Above, Sarah guards the cash box. Can you see the vintage linens on the tables? I covet them in a big, big way. Below is the very clever Emily.

Here are some of my yarn purchases - a deep charcoal merino silk laceweight and two skeins of old reliable Briggs and Little in a heathered brown. I can't even tell you from which vendor I purchased. Frankly, it's a bit of a blur! I also picked up some needles, and a fabulous new bag. I'm quite proud to say that I went in with a set budget and stuck to it. Present back. Pat, Pat, frolic, frolic.

21 April 2008

Does It Come in My Size?

I'm really, really, proud of this one. I wanted to use up the bit of leftover Fleece Artist sock yarn in a way that would highlight its beauty and glow. I started off with a pattern from an old leaflet but, frankly, by the time I was done, I had altered the original so drastically that it feels like my design. I had to rip back the bodice three times to get the shape and size exactly to my vision.

Is it weird that a grown woman does this?

20 April 2008

I Like It

I just do. I'm not saying that I'd knit it. Nor would I wear it.
I just like it.
It's got spunk.
Spinneran pattern. Circa 1970.

16 April 2008

Not Even Close to Knitting Content

Reading Marin's Top Four Kisses All Time post got me thinking...recollecting...fondly reminiscing. I don't think I'm ready to commit to an actual "Top" list of any kind on the matter. Still, here's a story:

Cast your mind back. Remember the 80's? Well in 198- a lovely young, recent university grad got her first theatre job - summer theatre of course - in cottage country Ontario. This would be me. Pardon the 'lovely' but, dammit, I was! I was twenty-four for pity's sake. Anyway after eight weeks of making theatre for unappreciative tourists collectively and one failed romance for me, the company threw it's annual giant bash. I believe the official name of the party was "Oh My God, I'm So Bored Out Here in the Middle of Nowhere This Isn't Fun Anymore and There Are Still Two Weeks Left of This Over-worked, Under-paid, Hell." Or something to that effect.
So, there I am and there he is across the room. He was the bass player. (Yes, I had a thing for musicians. At least I didn't date the actors.) He was sweet and charming and devilish. He was soft spoken and thoughtful and a bad dresser. Killer smile. And he had it going on for me which was delightfully surprising.
Some more drinks and a dance or two and then we're outside taking a walk. I'm telling him all about myself the way one does when one is twenty-four and slightly drunk and walking a small town in the wee hours of August. He's doing the same. Then suddenly I'm aware that I'm not listening to him at all anymore. I'm looking at him thinking that he so obviously wants to kiss me so why the hell doesn't he get on with it? Now he's babbling and will obviously never stop, so I go up on my toes and shut him up with a deep, full body, no hands kiss that lingers and becomes the perfect expression of exactly what we both want right now. When he opens his eyes and looks at me I know his socks are properly knocked off.
Later he said, "We were under a street light!"
Ha ha. All the better to see you my dear.

This morning I had a job interview with two snotty women - well one slightly snotty and the other extremely. I was friendly and on my best behaviour but it went downhill fast.
"Yes, but have you ever done financial analysis?", asked Extremely.
Please. This is a temporary bookkeeping position that pays crap and they expect a chartered accountant? While Slightly was showing me the door, Extremely couldn't be bothered to shake my hand or even smile. She had an ugly haircut too.

I felt crushed for about a minute. Then I thought,
"Yes, but I can de-sock a cute bass player and I'm wearing a beautiful hand-knit top."

Tonight I danced about my smelly house.

13 April 2008

Random Poetry Time. . .I Still Love the Swings

To read only children's books, treasure
Only childish thoughts, throw
Grown-up things away
And rise from deep sorrows.

I'm tired to death of life,
I accept nothing it can give me,
But I love my poor earth
Because it's the only one I've seen.

In a far-off garden I swung
On a simple wooden swing,
And I remember dark tall firs
In a hazy fever.

Osip Mandelshtam

06 April 2008

Mittens in Time For Spring

Pattern: PLUSH from Knitting New Mittens & Gloves

Designer: Robin Melanson

Yarn: MAGALLENES 100% Wool Hand dyed by Araucania Yarns, Color 306

Modifications: The pattern calls for a thicker yarn (Manos) than the one used. I used 4mm needles instead of the recommended 5.5mm and added 4 stitches to the rounds.

Don't you just love the woven effect of this half linen stitch? Also, the loopy cuffs make me smile. I said to Elayne of In The Loop, that the shag rug look is "Just this side of nutty without going over."

"Like you," she replied.

I take this as a compliment.

05 April 2008

Springy Crayon Inspiration

Saw some tulips today! Is spring here at last?

02 April 2008

Trying to Bloom.

So, I go shopping at my favourite second hand store for job interview clothes and find out he's closing. The city has spit him out. After a forced move by his previous landlord, his business is failing in the new location. So, he and his wife are moving to effing Hamilton where housing is half the price and they'll commute in for work.

I tried on 14 pairs of pants that were all too tight across the hips and miles too big in the waist because no one makes clothes for women with big asses.

I bought a beautiful long velvet coat which I will wear over my ugly old clothes so at least I'll feel attractive when I arrive at the interview. I really need to get a job soon so I can move out of my smelly, unhappy house.

When I arrived home just now, I cleaned from the front garden all the wet winter garbage that the melting snow had revealed. Beneath it were some tiny green branches. My phlox is trying to bloom. O, hurry up Spring!