16 March 2008


At last, there was sun today, though it was still so very cold. I'm tired of winter, dragged down by chill and gloom. Today was day 11 of a twelve day work marathon. On three of those days I worked one job in the morning and a second in the evening. Come Tuesday I get to rest.
For cheer, and the memory of summer, here is an FO garden shot from last year. Sweet basil, sunshine and yarn...aahhh.

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Miss Scarlett said...

I'm so easily confused! I was looking at the pic and when you were speaking of being sick of winter I was thinking -- how can it be cold? Look at that bright green basil?!

We have had a shock today -- it snowed! Snowed. As in it actually stuck to the ground! Madness. Yesterday I was out in flip flops and a tank top and this morning - snow!