29 March 2008

Nice Photo Though

Behold! A hand rolled centre pull ball, done on a TP roll. It's so cute I think I'll name it.

Later that week:
Unfortunately, having knit with it a while, the centre pull doesn't pull so well anymore. I think I squashed it too much in the bag. Yet, I am not defeated. I shall try and try again another day!


Miss Scarlett said...

Man those tp rolls are handy!
I used some to make my own spinning thingamabob to ply some handspun.

The photo is nice!

alt.ayu said...

my first and only centerpull handwound didn't work so well either. infact i think i wound too tight and it didn't pull at all. It's cute too though haha

my bunny is actually the Wisp pattern from knitty. I was drawn the same way when i saw another knitter's FO too!