26 February 2008


It was a conundrum. Elann.com's Tuesday special was a bag sale. Their Esprit cotton/elastic (basically a Cascade Fixation knock off . Sshh.) at 65% off! The sale started at noon. By the time I got home from work at seven, the colours I wanted were gone. What to do? This is a great deal, people. So I grabbed three bags in colours that looked nice on the moniter.

They arrived today. As expected, not one of them looks the same as the web page. The Capri Blue has nothing to do with Capri. Too powdery. The Grey Slate is less silvery than expected and the Canyon Rose is much deeper. Still, I love them all. Except, maybe the blue.

Two words: Knee socks. I have 30 skeins of stretchy goodness to play with. Good thing The Daughter likes blue.

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Sandi Purl said...

nice grab!