03 February 2008

Cablin' Baby!

I feel about cabling needles the way I feel about DPNs for socks; that my clumsy fingers were just not meant to hold that many pointy things. Injury to myself and others often occurs.
Thanks to Grumperina's excellent Cabling Without A Cable Needle tutorial, the honeycomb pattern is emerging.
I've had to frog the back. The shaping proportions won't match the front. The back, with no cabling, will be much easier to adjust so it's best to knit it second. I didn't mind tearing it out at all. I feel I have a real understanding of this garment now. Very exciting. Go Team!


Miss Scarlett said...

Cabling without cable needles? Do tell.

I am going to have to check that link out later...although I kind of like the challenge of another needle, it is a pain when I lose that little cable needle! Which I have done more than once. :-)

Thanks for the award btw. I really appreciate it!

Marin (AntiM) said...

Yay! Understanding the garment is at least half the battle.

And, oh, how I love the colour on this...

Scheherazaad said...

Another technique I would like to try one day. I missed you at Drunken Knitters on Friday.