17 February 2008

Blog of the Week!

O my goodness. I'm a featured blog on Baa Bonny Bell's new podcast! Very exciting!
Sherrill, who was my upstream pal for SP7, has recently started podcasting from her garden shed. She's doing a fine job too. (Yes she has a lovely garden shed to match her lovely garden and even more lovely log home. Still...can't quite manage to hate her). Give a listen at Belle of the Ball Podcast.

I've not yet listened to it, but I have saved it onto a new-fangled device called an MP3 Player. Has anyone else heard of this invention? The daughter has recently passed her used one on to me after having upgraded, via Santa Claus, to the new Sony Walkman with video and photo display. I've been enjoying podcasts and CBC3 programming on the subway and tonight I shall attempt to "rip" a CD. How modern am I?

Because I'm not fond of photo-less posts, here is my Valentine's Day latte. Tasty it was.

1 comment:

Miss Scarlett said...

Congratulations! That is so cool.

It goes along with all your technological advances -- you have the lingo down (ripping a CD indeed)!

I haven't really listened to podcasts yet...another potential time suck coming my way I'm sure.

Your daughter is 14?! You both made it through 13. Phew. Love her picture in your previous post.
Congrats to both of you!