23 January 2008

One Done and One New Challenge


It's off the blocking and fabulous! After completing the Annetrelac socks, I was so enamoured of the entrelac process that I wanted to continue. Thus a scarf is born. I based the method on Danica from Knitty and must say that I vastly prefer this pattern. Annetrelac uses slipping stitches at each end doesn't join the new square with the previous square immediately. Danica doesn't slip and the newly picked up sections are joined to the completed square right away. (I guess you have to read both patterns side by side to know what I'm talking about.) Anyway, the result is a tidier look to the weave and tighter corners.
Done in fingering weight, this scarf is as light as air and can be worn decoratively indoors. My sister will love it.


I'm nearly finished the back of this cute top from Rebecca Magazine. That's the easy part. The challenge is this heavily cabled centre panel. I've done only minimal cabling in the past but I've been practising different methods and I think I'm up to it. At least I won't have to repeat on the sleeves. I find those puffed and embellished sleeves far too girly and shall replace them with a simple bell shape - three quarter length if I have enough yarn. I hope I can pull it off because I think this tunic is freakin adorable. Go Me!


jacquieblackman said...

Beautiful stuff!

Hope your day is going better!

Oh Baby! said...

loving the scarf! and the sweater is cute too. all the best with the cabling!

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh I love the scarf! What a great idea. I wish I was patient enough to stick with a scarf - I find about half way through I actually get angry with how much more work I have.

Reasonable aren't I?

The top is adorable - and I really like the colour you chose.

koko puff said...

The scarf is absolutely awesome! I sincerely hope it is going to a good home!!! I am quite certain you will master the cables in no time and make a beautiful sweater.

Susan said...

that is the cutest top EVER!!!

Can't wait to see it...Go...Now...and KNIT like the wind!!!!!