15 January 2008

New Yarn

The rejoicing! In The Loop Cafe (formerly Alterknit) has re-opened! The Daughter and I attended the grand opening party on Saturday and it felt like coming home.

Having eaten about 40 pounds of their cheese, I felt obligated to buy something from the shop. (Great excuse, yes?). I decided on another skein of Ancient Threads hand dyed merino. I'm almost finished an entrelac scarf in the yellow/walnut/tangerine colour Kelly gifted me and it looks great. My sister has spoken for it. This striking selection of reds is a nice contrast to the yellows and will become something, yet to be determined, for me.


Miss Scarlett said...

You can't not support them when they've re-opened - and what lovely yarn you bought too!

Sandi Purl said...

40 pounds of cheese for a gorgeous skein of hand dyed merino? what a steal! xo

Jess P. said...

That's beautiful yarn!