23 January 2008

One Done and One New Challenge


It's off the blocking and fabulous! After completing the Annetrelac socks, I was so enamoured of the entrelac process that I wanted to continue. Thus a scarf is born. I based the method on Danica from Knitty and must say that I vastly prefer this pattern. Annetrelac uses slipping stitches at each end doesn't join the new square with the previous square immediately. Danica doesn't slip and the newly picked up sections are joined to the completed square right away. (I guess you have to read both patterns side by side to know what I'm talking about.) Anyway, the result is a tidier look to the weave and tighter corners.
Done in fingering weight, this scarf is as light as air and can be worn decoratively indoors. My sister will love it.


I'm nearly finished the back of this cute top from Rebecca Magazine. That's the easy part. The challenge is this heavily cabled centre panel. I've done only minimal cabling in the past but I've been practising different methods and I think I'm up to it. At least I won't have to repeat on the sleeves. I find those puffed and embellished sleeves far too girly and shall replace them with a simple bell shape - three quarter length if I have enough yarn. I hope I can pull it off because I think this tunic is freakin adorable. Go Me!

22 January 2008

King Car to St. Andrew Station

Taken a couple of weeks ago.
Perhaps if I capture the City's soul in images, it will not crush me under its great weight.
It's been an absolute fuck of a week.
Knitting content tomorrow or the next day.

15 January 2008

Moi? No!

It's actually a fun quiz about booze. Click on the coaster to try it.

New Yarn

The rejoicing! In The Loop Cafe (formerly Alterknit) has re-opened! The Daughter and I attended the grand opening party on Saturday and it felt like coming home.

Having eaten about 40 pounds of their cheese, I felt obligated to buy something from the shop. (Great excuse, yes?). I decided on another skein of Ancient Threads hand dyed merino. I'm almost finished an entrelac scarf in the yellow/walnut/tangerine colour Kelly gifted me and it looks great. My sister has spoken for it. This striking selection of reds is a nice contrast to the yellows and will become something, yet to be determined, for me.

13 January 2008

Great Phone

I experienced something totally new for me this week...the telephone interview. Now, normally, I fall apart during interviews. I just get sooo nervous. I babble like an idiot and my body language is all wrong. I've been to approximately fifty interviews in the past few years that have led to exactly zero job offers.
This one, on the other hand, went swimmingly. What was scheduled as a half hour interview turned into an hour and a half conversation. I was relaxed and actually enjoyed myself.
The secret? I was knitting the entire time!

08 January 2008

Christmas Keeps on Giving

With no great thanks to Canada Post (not impressed!), I received this amazing package today. Thank you, thank you to my Christmas Around The World swap partner, Jana! I had to go to the post office to pick it up, so I decided to make it a true excursion and brought the parcel to a Madeleines Cherry Pie and Ice Cream to open. Imagine my delight as I slowly opened piece after piece while sipping cafe latte. I'm in love with both the stationary and the cosmetic bag. The spiced tea smells gorgeous.
What makes the gift extra special is the fact that the stitch markers and the yarn come from her own White Oak Studio. This merino feels so luxurious that I can't wait to work it.
Lucky, lucky me to have such a great partner! This was a fun swap. Thanks to KnittyMuggins, my organizer.

05 January 2008

First FO of the Year

Does giving up and calling it finished count? This puppy's been in the pound for months. There was much futile searching for one more skein. Then followed two attempts to knit the sleeves in 2 different matching yarns. The results were hideous. I looked like I was going yodelling in those solid coloured cap sleeves. So, last night, I decided that this is a vest instead of a tee shirt and finished the edging of the armholes appropriately.
I plan to make another of these with sleeves.
Pattern: Shaped Lace Tee from Knitting Lingerie Style
Yarn: My beloved, discontinued Needful Kikki (sob!)

Modifications: Made the back with one pattern panel less than the front. This created the nice tight fit I was after. Also, because I capital S Suck! at crochet, I finished the neck and arm edges by picking up stitches on the circs, purling one row on the wrong side, then casting off in 1 x 1 rib. I cast off edges in rib wherever possible. I find this prevents rolling.

Most Adored Pattern Element: The waist shaping that's effected by simply switching to a smaller needle size for two inches. That curve really emphasizes the corset inspiration behind the garment. My wireless push-up bra completes the effect.
A somewhat blurry sideview. See the pretty shaping? Ooh...aah...

02 January 2008

She's Back!

Sweet Georgia is back in blogland! She'll soon be producing yarn again. Hallelujah!
Unfortunately, this means that the skein I purchased last year may no longer be considered a collector item, resulting in a decrease in its market value. It also means I can knit it and buy more!

01 January 2008

Happy New Year

The family sleeps and here I sit in the study, watching the new year snow itself in. Lovely, isn't it?

We attended a multi-generational house party last night at which were many people we've known since The Daughter was in Kindergarten. I'm always struck by the fact that simply because I pushed out a kid fourteen years ago and then lucked into a great Grade school, I am connected to this community of warm, witty, loving people. Good food and great conversation. The best part of the evening? The parents dancing to Madonna songs in the living room with horrified teens and pre-teens looking on. Hah!

So, what will 2008 bring? Change for sure. How drastic the level has yet to be determined. I've spent two years gathering my strength and evening my keel. Now it's time to marshall the forces of positive energy around me and become.

Here is a belated Blog Christmas card. I've entitled it "Alice Surveys the Gifts". In fact, she's really warming her behind on the heat vent - a favourite pastime. The tree and gifts just happen to be there.