06 November 2007

Ah, The Yarnography

Like a drunk coming off a lost weekend, I've awoken from a two week mood slump to find, not a hangover and a strange bed fellow, but...yarn. Without realizing it, I seem to have purchased a great deal of it lately.

Here we have hand dyed tencel/silk purchased on Ebay several weeks ago. It arrived yesterday. The description said lace-weight but it's actually more like thread. I don't know what I'll be able to manage with it, but it certainly is beautiful to gaze upon.

Also from Ebay, some banana silk. I've always wanted to try it and it was such a great value. I bought sari silk from the same seller a couple of years ago.

Here is lovely, lovely Dale Svale. I've been lusting to try this cotton/viscose/silk blend since I first fondled it years ago. Now Knitomatic has it on sale so I grabbed eight skeins of this fetching musky grape tone.

This last acquisition is thanks to Kelly - a gift from Rhinebeck. Thank you!!!!! What an original colour blend in this merino sock yarn from Ancient Threads Farm in New York. I heard a rumour that Alterknit will soon be carrying some of their stuff.


Scheherazaad said...

Yikes!! I was just at Knitomatic on the weekend. How did I miss the Svale? I bought Fixation on sale. I too bought some "lace weight" cashmere silk (in NYC) that looks like thread. I have wound it up double and will be attemting to knit a lace cardigan for my whispy daughter. But so far I just look at it and fondle it a lot.

Morrgan said...

When there's "too" much yarn, life is good. Looks like you've found some lovely stuff!

Ancient Threads said...

The new In the Loop Cafe is carrying a limited amount of Ancient Threads yarn-

Ancient Threads