21 October 2007

Ya, Ya, New Yarn

...and new yarn store.
I visited Toronto's newest yarn establishment on Thursday. Lindenhof Farm has opened a storefront at 102 Ossington Ave., among the galleries and wine making depots.
The yarn is beautiful to look at, particularly as it's homegrown. Yet, this is serious wool lover country. No sea silk and etcetera. Sweaters, hats and socks reign here. The natural stuff really shines. Wools and alpacas, undyed and untampered with. Glorious!

I bought this beautiful, lace weight, undyed white alpaca. Here's the "funny", yet annoying part of the tale. It's a small store and I was the only customer at the time. I was happily chatting with the nice lady and suddenly, it occurred to me that I simply must buy something. I felt obligated. This due to the fact that I was there and she was there and therefore....
I can be silly that way.

Regardless. I left with one seriously beautiful skein of yarn which is enough to make the Qiviuk Webs Scarf from Interweave.


Miss Scarlett said...

OH I know exactly what you are talking about.
I feel the same way - especially when a store is new, or small. Though the last time I bought a pattern book and some sock yarn and the store owner was so rude - I guess she didn't think I had spent enough money to warrant all the time we had been chatting.
Not going to be back to that store. Too bad.

Your laceweight is gorgeous! I love Alpaca - undyed too. I nearly bought a big bag of unspun dark brown alpaca but it hadn't been washed either and I just wasn't sure I was ready for that kind of labour intensive fibre.

Can't wait to see your scarf.

Sandi Purl said...

thanks for the heads up. looking forward to checking it out. nice choice of yarn you got yerself!

Anonymous said...

that yarn is lovely!! really beautiful.

and I haven't gotten the interweave holiday mag yet, I need to look for that!

don't forget to leave some hints about what you want from me!

your secret christmas pal