05 October 2007

Thursday Green

Didn't have any green ribbon. Used yarn. You understand.

A "cute" story:

While I was taking the shot of the steps at Glenholme. I laughingly shouted "Smile!" to the boys at the top. One of them mumbled something back that included the words "stupid bitch".

"Hey," I said to the Daughter, "The art just swore at me."


Miss Scarlett said...

I guess it would be uncharacteristic for art to watch it's manners. It is known for pushing the boundaries.

Kinda like teens.

Marin (AntiM) said...

And the next dumb question:

Do you notice other people's ribbons?

Sorry for the nagging queries -- I'm fascinated by this project and I'm trying to see it in my own head, beyond the scope of what I see in individual photos.

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