09 October 2007

Sunday Pink

We went a'visitin for Thanksgiving. This was the only pink ribbon I tied on Sunday because the rest of the day was spent either at the Toronto Coach Terminal (which honestly has nothing worth marking), on a bus, or out of town.

Ribbon Project Summary

So what did I get out of this? What was the point? Looking at the project Flickr page tells me that the point was different for everybody - and that in itself may have been the whole idea.

Personally, I decided to tie the whole experiment into my personal therapeutic work. Being present in my life and noticing the world around me has been my project for the last year or so. "Be curious," my therapist says. She also says "Get out of your fucking head!" I love that I pay her to talk to me this way.

I also wanted to make my part in this Toronto specific. This city where I live, that has kicked my ass around the block repeatedly lately. I've been here twenty years now and TO seems to be getting harsher, more crowded, ruder and so much more expensive. The streets are dirtier, the air harder to breathe and housing is ridiculously inflated. The highschool situation is just plain scary. I've been considering leaving.

I need to believe that goodness and beauty still exist. So I set out to notice it, even if it was very small, and to mark it. Thus I found that if one stops and looks a little differently, there are a few small reasons for delight.


Didi B said...

I'm in the Christmas Around the World Swap with you, and am tagging you for the 8 random things meme. :) Taaaag!

Susan said...

Great photography. I especially like the last one with the pink ribbon.
Your photos show your quest was successful ;)

Anonymous said...

I like that you are a deep thinker.

I am one too.

But that does mean that sometimes we think TOO MUCH!!!

So yes just look around and enjoy the simple things. I know that I do.

your secret santa