16 October 2007

It Has Begun

It turns out that I can do this...it's just extremely difficult...well, for me anyway. Pick up and purl? Puhl-eese!! Could we invent anything more awkward? Wait. Maybe that's just me again.

Sure looks pretty though...

I did hit a major snag. When I laid out the skein for winding, I discovered about 6 to 8 clean cuts in the yarn along both sides. I don't recall them being there before, but I wasn't looking for damage. It's as if the skein was sliced partway through, maybe by a box cutter when opening the original shipment? Just guessing. Anyway, I had to perform a lot of grafting to get the yarn ready for knitting. There are still some weak spots. I'm concerned.


Anonymous said...

You are right it does look pretty.
I'm with you -- I hate complicated instructions!

Sandi Purl said...

giv'er! u can do anything. diggin the colours.

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh your sock is looking great. Pick up and purl sounds complicated to me. You are making it look simple though.

Eek - cuts in your yarn - that would concern me too. I am sure your grafting has solved the problem.