30 September 2007

Sunday Catch Up Post

The front and back of the Shaped Lace Tee are finally complete and, as I suspected, there will not be enough yarn. So, I am left with two choices. I can leave it sleeveless in which case it's more of a vest and I'm not much of a vest person. The other option is to find a matching solid colour yarn and do the lacy part of the sleeve with that. I'm thinking that picking up the blue would work. Any thoughts? I shall put it aside and mull.

In the meantime, I've started another beret using Briggs and Little Regal. I've received stunned looks from a few knitters at my choice of yarn. Yes, it's rough and thick and cheap but I like it. It makes great, warm hats and the heathering in the colour is very pretty.

So, Nuit Blanche was a total disaster. Every venue we tried to see was so incredibely crowded that it was impossible to enjoy any of the installations. I was pushed, shoved and smushed. After taking an hour to move along a few blocks of Queen West, it became clear that we weren't going to make it to Parkdale. Even if we could have, we wouldn't have been able to get near the stage. We limped home on the Dufferin bus. Thus I missed Close Knit. Bummer.

The one piece we did see and appreciate was our first stop after a delicious dinner. It was well off the main path so I guess the suburbanites didn't venture there. This neon light line, accompanied by ambient sound, was uber cool. If we had headed home then, the night would have been much better.


KarenJoSeattle said...

I think the solid color on the sleeves would be fine if you can repeat it at least once elsewhere on the sweater. If it were my piece, I'd do a pick-up-and-bind-off edge around the neck in the solid yarn. That's a trick I learned from my favorite knitting teacher. That plus two sleeves = three uses of the color = looks intentional. If you could also do some thing like a single crochet edge around the lacy bottom, then it would really look like you planned it that way.

I wouldn't wear it without sleeves, either. But I like that pattern. Where is it from? I only looked back on your front page and didn't see that right away.

Marin (AntiM) said...

I don't know why I'm even rendering an opinion, except that when I saw that lovely speckled yarn, it became mine in my head and I began doing things to my taste. For me. You can ignore me.

The peachy-orange is what I'd use. It's the contrast to the more dominant blue and I think it would be very nice.

And by the way, the Nuit Blanche (despite its overcrowdedness) and the ribbon thing make me want to be Canadian more than ever.

sarah fay said...

i love briggs and little too! i'm using it to make the cobblestone pullover for my boy. it's a lovely heather, and it won't pill as much as a softer yarn, and like you said it's cheap!

i'm a big fan of rough workhorse yarns!

Laurie said...

I found first thing on in the night of Nuit Blanche was really great, but it did get very crowded later on - of course, my later stops were all in the Bloor/Yorkville area, which was just MOBBED.
My only real gripe was with my choice of company. You do not go to "an all night contemporary art thing" with someone who complains that they don't "get it" and "it" is therefore "dumb". We only spent a few seconds in places I could've happily spent half the night!

Miss Scarlett said...

What a shame about nuit blanche - it sounds like an awesome event.
Love the ribbon idea.

I think that using the solid on the lace and the neckline (karen's suggestion) would work nicely - I am not much of a vest person either.

I have an entire box of Briggs and Little yarn I bought at E-Bay. It is rough - but man I bet it's warm. I didn't know it was cheap. :-'
I have never seen it in a store here...