25 September 2007

The Ribbon Project

I'm participating in The Ribbon Project the first week of October. I'm so excited about this. Imagine. Seven days, some coloured ribbons, a camera and an observant eye. It's the chance to briefly share with the world your particular point of view.
Won't some of my fellow knitters join up? I know we see things in a unique way and isn't that worth sharing?

I'm also planning to attend the Close Knit event at Nuite Blanche.
Toronto kills me. Most of the time it craps all over you and then events like this happen that make you not want to be anywhere else.

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alt.ayu said...

:) first of all thanks for linking me! as you might notice, I haven't a link list on my blog yet but I do subscribe to your feed~

Looks like October is going to be a fun month for you! :D