05 August 2007

Malcolm Update

Malcolm's been on steroids for two weeks now. He gets two pills a day. If he does have Inflammatory Bowel Disease (we're not even sure if that's it) the steroids should reduce the swelling, allowing digested food to pass. We're supposed to be watching for a decrease in vomiting. I've only found it on the floor once in the past two weeks but he has been going out a lot, so it's hard to say definitively. I tell myself that he looks a bit plumper and shinier. What do you think?
I spent part of today ripping out my basement ceiling in preparation for hiring a plumber to replace the old corroded pipes. Centuries old mouse plops, slipping dust mask, sore arms and dirty hair. It's only half done but a good chunk of the work was moving and tarping everthing. I'm determined to finish it tomorrow.


stitch-dom said...

Yewww! nothing like old mouse poop to make you glad you're cleaning out a bit! Good luck with that!

Malcolm looks very shiny indeed. Its so hard when cats are sick -- they don't want to show weakness so you have to guess all the time at what's going on.

koko puff said...

I think Malcolm looks pretty good! He's verra handsome, just my type...