13 August 2007

Donkeys, Donkeys, Everywhere!

Yesterday, Sunday, we took a mini road trip to the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada. My lovely sister was the driver. What a beautiful and peaceful farm. They have 53 rescued donkeys amongst which, the public is welcome to wander freely every Wednesday and Sunday until Thanksgiving. Brushes are provided for grooming and there are numerous phot opportunities.
Beyond the barn and hay field, there is a pond and several walking trails. Unfortunately, the rain prevented our party exploring these but we intend to return in September with a picnic!
The farm is just outside Guelph, at Puslinch Concession 4. Check out their
website to read some of the resident's stories. Then go visit. Make a small donation at the gate while you're there. They do such good work with these lovely animals. Summer. At 39, she's one of the oldest residents.

This is Earl Grey, our adoptee. It was wonderful to finally meet him and have a cuddle.


Miss Scarlett said...

How wonderful!

It breaks my heart that there has to be a sanctuary for donkeys though - why are people so callous?

Thanks for sharing the links and thank you for helping take care of Earl Grey - that is just great.

I hope you have a fantastic picnic later on. It looks like such a nice place to linger and relax.

alt.ayu said...

Wow this looks like a nice place to spend a day~~

It's saddening to know that there's a need for sanctuaries but at least, there is one, and these creatures look well taken care of there!

Thanks for sharing the pictures and link!!

Not An Artist said...

Aw, donkeys are such cute ornery little creatures. I'm so happy to hear that there is a sanctuary like this for them, and that it looks like a nice place to live.

It was great to see you yesterday and I think I will be coming up to Alter Knit on thursday too.

Susan said...

Well now, Earl Grey seems very happy with his new mama.

And 39 is not OLD! (ahem)
- Guess I'm a little sensitive.