25 August 2007

In Memorium: Zucchini Plant

Monday it was fine. By yesterday, it was dead. Curses on you Powdery Mildew! Curses I say!

Oh well. At least the tomatoes and eggplant are doing fine.

24 August 2007

Friday Night

This Friday finds me a tad on the tired side. I've worked all week with Kelly, who graciously gave this underemployed girl a temp job. The usual home bullshit that takes place when I work, combined with early mornings have made me sleepy.
But overall, it's a good sleepy. Everyone at "the office" has been so friendly and has made me feel welcome. It's a nice place to spend a month. Thanks Kelly.

22 August 2007

C'est Finis!

I know you saw it in my last post, but now the squares scarf is actually done, border and all. I loved knitting that i-cord edge! Something about the process was way satisfying. Pulls the whole thing together nicely, doesn't it?

19 August 2007

I'm Late! Mad Hatter Tea

Today, Kelly, Amber, The Daughter, and I attended the Mad Hatter Tea Party at Alterknit. Many other familiar faces graced the tea tables. What a lovely time we all had. The goodies were delectable (especially the chevre filled golden plums!) and the tea was varied as well as plentiful. I'm always in favour of a frock opportunity. When it comes with the wearing of a hat? I'm over the moon.

Check out Amber and Kelly's hats fashioned from Lettuce Knit's top down baby sweaters.

There was an quiz on the chapter, copies of which were provided at each table. We shouted out answers and whomever shouted first had a prize hurled at her. Knowing that "muchness" was drawn by the sisters in the well earned me this sumptuous Americo bulky. Whatever can I knit that will do it justice? Any ideas?
Smarty Pants daughter knew all the answers but showed admirable restraint and only shouted out twice, winning some Lamb's Pride and a beautiful pair of Brittany needles.

In case there wasn't enough yarn in our lives already, bins of it were conveniently discounted to coincide with the party. I picked up some brightly coloured Magic Garden Buttons which is destined to become wrist warmers for gifting.

"I do so enjoy a good cuppa!", exclaimed Eccentric Auntie.

I won the prize for best hat. Well, to be honest, it was a draw. I like to think that I would have won anyway. Those loopy flowers corked during the So You Think You Can Dance finale (yay Sabra!) put me over the top with the judging panel. The knitting needle hanging off the scarf as I work the border, is another nice fashion trend.

13 August 2007

Donkeys, Donkeys, Everywhere!

Yesterday, Sunday, we took a mini road trip to the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada. My lovely sister was the driver. What a beautiful and peaceful farm. They have 53 rescued donkeys amongst which, the public is welcome to wander freely every Wednesday and Sunday until Thanksgiving. Brushes are provided for grooming and there are numerous phot opportunities.
Beyond the barn and hay field, there is a pond and several walking trails. Unfortunately, the rain prevented our party exploring these but we intend to return in September with a picnic!
The farm is just outside Guelph, at Puslinch Concession 4. Check out their
website to read some of the resident's stories. Then go visit. Make a small donation at the gate while you're there. They do such good work with these lovely animals. Summer. At 39, she's one of the oldest residents.

This is Earl Grey, our adoptee. It was wonderful to finally meet him and have a cuddle.

07 August 2007

Finally! Knitting Related

The mitred squares scarf is coming along. It's made entirely of leftover sock yarn. I learned the technique from Shelly, The Heathen Housewife. Can you believe she made an entire blanket this way? I have strayed from her tutorial in one regard. She instructs picking up the entire chain stitch along the side of the previous square when adding a new one. I decided I didn't like the thick feeling edge that left so I'm only picking up the back loop of the chain. That leaves those little raised edges throughout the right side but I rather like the architectural effect. I have a skein of navy blue in reserve for the i-cord edging. I intend this as a gift to a young person.

Many thanks to Ayumi, my No Sheep exchange angel. This lovely parcel arrived today. In it are four skeins of summery cotton and two skeins of pretty Zhivago, a Tencel blend. Also included are some yummy chocolates, fruit teas and (Yay!!) another Chibi! I love Chibis. It's such a fun word to say - Chibi, Chibi, Chibi! Thank you again super Angel.

05 August 2007

Malcolm Update

Malcolm's been on steroids for two weeks now. He gets two pills a day. If he does have Inflammatory Bowel Disease (we're not even sure if that's it) the steroids should reduce the swelling, allowing digested food to pass. We're supposed to be watching for a decrease in vomiting. I've only found it on the floor once in the past two weeks but he has been going out a lot, so it's hard to say definitively. I tell myself that he looks a bit plumper and shinier. What do you think?
I spent part of today ripping out my basement ceiling in preparation for hiring a plumber to replace the old corroded pipes. Centuries old mouse plops, slipping dust mask, sore arms and dirty hair. It's only half done but a good chunk of the work was moving and tarping everthing. I'm determined to finish it tomorrow.