22 July 2007

Sunday Knitting

I cast on a new project this afternoon. It's one of the corset inspired tops from the lingerie book. I'm using some green Kikki from my stash and it looks quite pretty. I worry that I'm a tad short on yardage - probably one skein short.
Another concern: when I went looking for the yarn specs on the Needful site, Kikki wasn't listed. I hope it's not been discontinued.
Don't you dig the beautiful patio table? Upside milk cartons never really go out of style, do they?

Re, the poem in the last post. I came across the volume in a book store in Victoria. The fellow at the counter told me the poet is a local. Her use of language knocks me on my ass. I keep coming back to Excess. It's taken me a week to be able to read it without weeping. It's just so effing perfect.

1 comment:

koko puff said...

Love the photo! Isn't Kikki one of your favourite yarns? I can see why.

Also, that poem is very beautiful. I meant to comment on it earlier...