02 July 2007

Holiday Monday

Wasn't it a beautiful day today? Such perfect weather for a summer holiday. We spent the morning building a bean pole at the bottom of the garden.

Then I sat beneath the grape arbour......and worked on the lace stole.

I believe this pattern will take me the rest of my life, or at least the rest of the summer. Tis a very slow knit indeed. It's quite intricate and thus far, I've not been able to memorize the pattern. Still, I love it - so light and delicate. I only pick it up when I need concentration style knitting and the deck with CBC playing softly in the background is the perfect venue. Next week I'm visiting a friend in BC and this is the project I'll be bringing for the long flight.


koko puff said...

Very pretty! Sounds like a lovely afternoon!

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh to be seated beneath a green arbour and knitting...wait - why don't I at least sit in my greened back yard?
Thanks for the inspiration.
Have a great holiday - whereabouts in BC will you be?