21 June 2007

Review: Knitting Lingerie Style

After having spent a fair bit of time reading through Knitting Lingerie Style by Joan McGowan-Michael (aka; my birthday gift), I can say, Yes, I like it.

First the negative. This is just my personal opinion but, some of the early designs, particularly in The Bra and The Slip chapters, are far too complex for this to call itself a knitting book. We're talking serious, seamstress level, garment construction here. The fact that the fabric is knitted is secondary with these patterns, especially the cover item. When the Notions list contains "sewing machine"? Last I checked, a machine was not a notion. And where exactly, does one get underwire channeling? So this was disappointing and worrisome.Then one gets to the later chapters and it all gets better. The Corset and The Camisole chapters are full of original, wearable designs. This stuff is a lace knitter's dream. There are several pieces I can't wait to sink my needles into. All the stockings and socks are stunning and there's a bed jacket (read: lacy cardy) that is feminine and tailored looking at the same time.While a couple of the models have a bit of cleavage, would it have killed them to get one woman with some belly and bum? Where's Betty Page when you need her? Some of the designs would have looked better on a rounder woman. This is lingerie after all.

As for the book itself. I like the size and shape of it. I think about stuff like this. It feels substantial but not weighty. The paper is lovely and the photos are richly pretty. The layout makes sense as well. At 30 some-odd dollars, I'd say it's a pretty good deal.


Baa Bonny Belle said...

I purchased this book...will I ever make anything...depends on how much I want exposed on said body. :)

You've been tagged...see my blog for a Birth Date MeMe

anna said...

oftentimes, these designers/photographers don't get it; sometimes super skinny doesn't look best!

those tank tops look might enticing. might have to make one or two of 'em! :-D