03 June 2007

The Rest of the Package

Here is the rest of the loot received from my
Secret Pal. What's in the little purple bag?
A necklace made with her own hands.
How lovely.
Thanks again, girl.
I've started another pair of vintage style slippers with the pink colour.

I'm totally over the whole ripping incident. Casting on a new lace project has helped. It's called Sea and Shells and is the perfect pattern for that reclaimed peach tone lamb's wool from a while back. One small problem...I realize as I'm working with it, that I used way too much vinegar cleaning the yarn. Stinky. Still, with Value Village items, one has to be careful. I'll just soak the finished stole in lots of Soak.

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Sandi Purl said...

nice hawl! will we see u fryday? hope so!kni