17 June 2007

New York: The Yarn Store Post

We of course, did not spend all our time in yarn stores. In fact, after Day 2 of the trip, I was cut off by The Daughter who mumbled strange words sounding like "enough yarn"?

I didn't buy huge amounts. My criteria for purchase was two-pronged. It had to be a brand I don't remember seeing in Toronto and it had to be different from my usual types of choices. Also, total yarn purchased had to fit into my duffle bag for the flight home. The post of the actual loot will come later.
We ended up seeing three stores, which are all uptown. I didn't get down to School Products, as I had hoped to. Sigh. Next time.

The Yarn Co., which was just around the corner from our hotel, was the first stop. It's small but absolutely crammed with inventory. The samples were gorgeous and they were having a sale. Great fondling, but in the end, I bought only one skein.

The next morning, we found String. Tres Upper East Side. The store is beautifully, if somewhat austerely, laid out. The yarn was all showy - definitely a wealthy woman's hobby store. I bought nothing but was pleased to see the famous cape that was in Vogue Knitting.

My absolute favourite was Knitty City on West 79th. I felt at home immediately upon walking in. Two girls sat in the window seat and three beautiful older gentlemen occupied the central table. There is a resident poodle named Lenny, with whom The Daughter spent the entire visit. The staff (that blurred woman in the middle and the young man behind the counter) were so friendly. The selection of yarn and accessories was varied and unique. I bought yarn, bags and gifts. If I lived in NYC, this is where I would hang.


stitch-dom said...

Lucky you! Knitty City looks like a fun hang out spot. Can't wait to see what you came home with.

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh the 1st and last shops look so inviting!
I can't imagine buying yarn at a shop where it is kept behind glass - what the?? Bizarre.
I would have lost hours (if not days) in those other shops. It is so nice finding places that 'fit' when you are on holiday, isn't it?