18 June 2007

New York: The Yarn Post

Top: SWTC Karaoke 50% Soy Silk/50% Wool

Middle: Araucania Yarns Magallanes 100% Wool Hand dyed

Bottom: Yarn Place Graceful Lace Yarn 100% Wool


Sandi Purl said...

looks like u took a nice bit outta the big apple!

koko puff said...

Nice yarn porn! Hope you a had a great trip with Leah. See you soon?

Miss Scarlett said...

Mmmm what great purchases.
Soy Silk and Wool? What a fabulous combo.
Great shot of the city too.

stitch-dom said...

Lovely lace weight - and the Araucania is gorgeous. Are these going to live in the stash for a while or do you have plans for it all?

That walk from Romni to Lettuce Knit was great...although my feet still hurt just thinking about it.