06 June 2007


Why, yes. Today is my birthday.
This is a quick pre-wine post to show off my fabulous, exciting gifts.
I got this:

A box of 30 postcards featuring Blythe, photographed by the brilliant Gina Garan.

And this:

A book after which I have been lusting since it was just a rumour. It's finally in stores and is now in my hands. Gorgeous stuff in here. I'll do some proper scans another day.

Off to drink now.


Leigh Knits said...

Today was my birthday too! Have a good one!


koko puff said...

Happy, happy birthday! Geminis rule!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday from a fellow Gemini born on June 7th!

Hope you had a great day

Baa Bonny Belle said...

Happy Birthday, Yvette. Don't drink tooooo much...there's always the fuzzy head to deal with in the morning!

Sandi Purl said...

Feliz Birthday!
you share the same day as my bro-in-law and I still like you - go figure! shhhh
wishing you a most groovy year!

sarah fay said...

Happy Birthday Yvette !