31 May 2007

This May Kill Me

I'm going to have to rip out the bamboo nightie.
I must continually remind myself that one piece, clingy fabrics do not look good on me. No matter how much I like a piece on the rack or on the page, no matter how pretty it looks in my head, no matter how thin I get (I've lost 10 pounds so far), certain clothes will NEVER suit me. In fact, it looks like shit.
What a shame. . .all that work.
And there's no way I'm giving the piece as a gift to someone else. I'll just have to find another use for the yarn...in a year or two when I've gotten over this unfortunate episode.


sarah fay said...

Oh no!! that's terrible. It looked so good at the last knit night!

At least it will be reused into something that you will wear, and won't haunt you as a project that is just never worn.

koko puff said...

(I'm shocked speechless)

mjm knitting said...

such a shame

Miss Scarlett said...

No! It's a nightgown!!
Does it feel good on?
If so, who cares what it looks like?!
All your beautiful work. That is a shame.

Congrats on the 10 lb loss - that is a great achievement.

yvette said...

Oh that is such a shame, its such a lovely colour though, so will eventually be something you will love.