25 May 2007

My Secret Pal Sent Me A Cat

Well, not really...but, honestly, the box was open a total of two minutes before he crawled in and made himself comfortable. There are still items in the package! Attempts to remove him resulted in growls and nips. This cat loves his boxes. Ah well, at least my status as a Crazy Cat Lady stands firm. He spent the best part of the afternoon in there so no group shots of the gift have yet been taken.

Thanks Secret Pal for the parcel. I especially like this:

This baby is from 1942 and is over 250 pages long. It's hard cover with that lovely old shiny paper-stock for pages. I have a few more of these type of books - one home decorating, one woodworking and a home repair volume. So, this book fits on my shelf in more ways than one!

1 There are many pages like this with stitch descriptions.

2 An entire chapter on sock and stockings!

3 Sexy!

4 I will marry this man. No, I seriously love him.

5 I love the "Swagger Coat" as well as the photograph itself.

6 Another knit swim suit? No wonder she looks so cranky.


yvette said...

I love old books like that, a woolly swimsuit would make anyone cranky!
Your cat is very cute too.

Sandi Purl said...

great book!

Jill said...

That book looks like it would be fun to look through. I've seen a couple of other people who have shown vintage knitting books on their blogs and now I want to start hitting the antique shops to see what I can find. :-)

Miss Scarlett said...

Oh my goodness - that poor kid in the knit swimsuit! You can bet that baby must have sagged right off her, every child's dream come true.

What a great and unique gift! Super Secret Pal you have.

I love when kitties claim spots like that. And even defend them against their beloved people. The photo op can definitely wait. :-)