17 May 2007


The matches for the No Sheep Skein Swap arrived and in honour of that, here is a preview of my bamboo lace nightie. The yarn is Rosarios Bio Bamboo in colour #09. This stuff is so soft and wow, does it have drape. I find it splits quite easily so extra attention is required with the needles.
I did have to frog as I expected due to too many errors and am now back to the pre-frogging point. It's such a pain when that happens but I never regret doing it. I just couldn't have lived with that many small mistakes. I just hope I can make this puppy fit. One piece garments are difficult with us big butt, no boobs, shaped girls.

The strangest thing has happened. I went to bed last night with a slightly stiff neck and woke up this morning in pain, and unable to move my head much. I must have slept on it awkwardly. This means today's plan of washing my floors is definitely out. So sad. Guess I'll have to knit and watch videos instead.


mjm knitting said...

it looks so pretty. can't wait to see it in all it's finished glory.

poor you-the floors can wait a day or two-it's a nice day to sit outside and knit too

Miss Scarlett said...

A bamboo lace nightie?! How luxe. What a lovely thing to be making for yourself!

Too bad about your neck! That is awful - but if it lets you knit...that is a good thing.

Baa Bonny Belle said...

Oh my...I've tagged you...though it looks like you were just tagged.