31 May 2007

This May Kill Me

I'm going to have to rip out the bamboo nightie.
I must continually remind myself that one piece, clingy fabrics do not look good on me. No matter how much I like a piece on the rack or on the page, no matter how pretty it looks in my head, no matter how thin I get (I've lost 10 pounds so far), certain clothes will NEVER suit me. In fact, it looks like shit.
What a shame. . .all that work.
And there's no way I'm giving the piece as a gift to someone else. I'll just have to find another use for the yarn...in a year or two when I've gotten over this unfortunate episode.

25 May 2007

My Secret Pal Sent Me A Cat

Well, not really...but, honestly, the box was open a total of two minutes before he crawled in and made himself comfortable. There are still items in the package! Attempts to remove him resulted in growls and nips. This cat loves his boxes. Ah well, at least my status as a Crazy Cat Lady stands firm. He spent the best part of the afternoon in there so no group shots of the gift have yet been taken.

Thanks Secret Pal for the parcel. I especially like this:

This baby is from 1942 and is over 250 pages long. It's hard cover with that lovely old shiny paper-stock for pages. I have a few more of these type of books - one home decorating, one woodworking and a home repair volume. So, this book fits on my shelf in more ways than one!

1 There are many pages like this with stitch descriptions.

2 An entire chapter on sock and stockings!

3 Sexy!

4 I will marry this man. No, I seriously love him.

5 I love the "Swagger Coat" as well as the photograph itself.

6 Another knit swim suit? No wonder she looks so cranky.

22 May 2007

Turning the Heel on Hedera

Some seriously pretty lace.

Got a new Blythe pinback.

17 May 2007


The matches for the No Sheep Skein Swap arrived and in honour of that, here is a preview of my bamboo lace nightie. The yarn is Rosarios Bio Bamboo in colour #09. This stuff is so soft and wow, does it have drape. I find it splits quite easily so extra attention is required with the needles.
I did have to frog as I expected due to too many errors and am now back to the pre-frogging point. It's such a pain when that happens but I never regret doing it. I just couldn't have lived with that many small mistakes. I just hope I can make this puppy fit. One piece garments are difficult with us big butt, no boobs, shaped girls.

The strangest thing has happened. I went to bed last night with a slightly stiff neck and woke up this morning in pain, and unable to move my head much. I must have slept on it awkwardly. This means today's plan of washing my floors is definitely out. So sad. Guess I'll have to knit and watch videos instead.

16 May 2007


Michelle and Michelle have both tagged me with similar memes. Who am I to argue with such kismet?
The meme:
Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write in their blogs 7 facts, as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag seven others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and need to read your blog.
The facts:

  1. In my adult life I have weighed as little as 117 lbs. and as much as 170 (this one was not while I was pregnant by the way). Right now, I'm somewhere in between.
  2. I do not, and never have, subscribed to cable television.
  3. I don't know how to drive.
  4. I am the middle child in a family of three sisters (definitely not talking Tchekhov here...)
  5. I very clearly remember the Challenger ship explosion because I watched the telecast in the common room of the loony bin where I was a patient at the time. (Political correctness note: Those in the loony bin are allowed to call it that. Those outside, are not.)
  6. My favourite ethnic cuisine is Indian. Yum yum and yum.
  7. I believe knitting lowers blood pressure.

I tag whoever wishes to play. It's one of those popular ones so, I may be the last to participate.

13 May 2007

Happy Mother's Day

The daughter surprised me with Mother's Day brunch at Alterknit.

The store looks great with new yarn and art.

Swanky brunch. Yum.

10 May 2007

Thanks Amy

Gracious Amy Singer had a lovely party at Lettuce Knit. She brought boxes of gifties for all.
Numbers were drawn and we made our choices. I chose this because it was the most like a carnival prize. Oooh, shiny.

08 May 2007

Why Has No One Ever Told Me About This?

If one calls up the lovely credit card company and plays nice with the automated system, one's credit limit can be doubled. Then one can buy plane tickets and book hotel rooms with virtually no money at all.

Yup, this is fiscally conservative me talking. I'm living the modern dream baby - embracing debt in a big, big way and taking my kid on a trip. What the hell...not getting any younger and all that...

03 May 2007

Dulaan Sweater Done

Done and cute it is. It will fit about a four year old child. This was my first attempt at raglan sleeves and they were much more challenging than expected. Honestly, I faked my way through. I also ran out of yarn so the hood turned into a regular garter stitch neckline.
Overall, I declare myself happy with the result.

01 May 2007

Happy May Day

Hey, it's a rather gray first day of May...

I woke up Saturday morning with the feeling of not wanting to go to the Knitter's Frolic. So I didn't go. I worried that I'd regret it later, but it still feels ok.

The bamboo lace nightgown is giving me tons of grief. I worry that I may have to frog the entire thing. Soo...

Ignoring the problem, I've cast on a new pair of socks; Hedera from Knitty. The lace is great fun to knit. Very satisfying. Although...

Yesterday it was nice out so I wore my poncho. As I sat on the bus knitting my socks which I carried in my handknit bag, I felt a bit like the creature from the Island of Too Many Handknits (Not my term, Denny's). There really is such a thing as too much.