25 April 2007

Worst Day Ever

I've been trying to get passports for the kid and I for a while now. This may seem simple enough for people who have nothing else to do. For me, finding the forms, filling them out, getting photos taken, dropping forms and photos at dentist for verification, picking them up again and finding an entire day to potentially devote to hanging around the passport office, has taken weeks. Silly things like my job and life have been getting in the way.

So off I go at 8am this morning. I am 47th in line. I wait an hour and a half (not bad really, Thank you knitting). The nice lady tells me that since I wasn't married when The Daughter was born, I need to get the long form birth certificate. I pay her $87 for my passport and head over to another government building. On the way there, I lose my bus pass. I wait in another line, am treated badly by front desk guy and then pay $50 for the stupid form. Regular service is only $35 but you're not guaranteed to receive it in your lifetime. Now I get to go back to both ugly fluorescent lit offices on Friday and wait and pay some more. Meanwhile, I'm mentally calculating how many more hours I need to work to pay for all this.
Then in the afternoon...I go to the library to pick up a hold. This will cheer me up as I've been looking forward to reading this book (on meditation hah hah. I kid you not). Well the hold expired yesterday and the book is gone. I did try to pick it up yesterday but the library had changed hours and it was closed when I went. Crap.


Cole said...

I know exactly how you feel. I hate it when I have days like that but in my case it seems to last all week! I hope you have a better day and wish you the best for the weekend.

MezzoDiva said...

You poor dear. You need to go knit some really pretty lace. Trust me. Nothing cures a fubar day like lace. And maybe some hot cchocolate...

Not An Artist said...

I *hate* days like that.

Incidentally, if you fill in the passport application online here you cut your wait dramatically. I waited in line 30 minutes to get a number, but then I was next up if you can believe it!

(Of course, it took me 2 weeks & $50 to get an 'acceptable' version of my birth certificate since they no longer accept Quebec-issued BC's from before 1994! Grrr!)

Miss Scarlett said...

Isn't it amazing how difficult the process can be made? What is this long form birth certificate?
I hope you enjoy using your passports!