03 April 2007

Chugging Along

I'm just about done the first bell sleeve of the bolero. After such a rocky start, I've grown quite fond of the pattern. This has definitely become a process over product knit. The lace is so simple, yet so charming (the colour above is too violet but it was the best focussed shot of the lace). I'm betting it will be stunning after blocking.

I got a nifty new wallet in Chinatown the other day. Not that I need a new wallet but this one has Blythe on it! I am besotted with this creepy, big-headed girl and am desperate to own one. Alas, it is one luxury that I cannot justify. After a lottery win maybe? For now, I'll keep this flat, yet cute, cheap accessory in my knitting bag and content myself with admiring the dolls of others here and here and here.


Not An Artist said...

Wow. Those little blythe dolls are super pricey!

stitch-dom said...

I had no idea Blythe dolls even existed - they are a bit creepy in a cute way???