22 April 2007

Channel Your Inner Stevie Nicks

It's off the blocking and ready to wear. Too bad the weather is too warm for alpaca lace. Despite all the heartbreak of the process, or perhaps because of it, I love the result. The bell sleeves? "...like a wild winged dove, ooh, baby, ooh, baby, ooh..."

Pattern: Top Down Raglan Bolero from Headwater Wools
Yarn: 100% alpaca from Peru4less (Ebay store)\
Needles: 3.75mm circulars
Modifications: I added quite a bit of length to the body. Thus it looks more sweater-like and less trendy boob cover. I also lengthened the sleeves by about thirty rows. Also, the pattern illustration shows the bolero hanging open but I prefer the single pin closure.

Hey, notice the photo is taken outside? That means that spring has finally sprung. This calls for Saturday soil turning and a Sunday stroll to the local garden centre.


Not An Artist said...

I'm so jealous! Of your beautiful beautiful alpaca lace wrap (the belled sleeves rock) and also your lovely garden!

Yvette said...

The garden shots are actually the items for sale at the garden centre. My garden right now is dirt. Get back to me in a couple of months for lush greenery.

stitch-dom said...

Wow...love the bolero not boob cover! Very pretty. And how I wish I had a garden!!! Okay - I don't really, I just wish I had a green thumb...or a nice cute gardener to look after my garden.

yvette said...

I love your sleeves on your cardi,so very cute.
Thank you for your lovely comment, I thought I had your email but don't. I too am jealous of her trip to San Diego and posh dress event.

MezzoDiva said...

BEAUTIFUL sweater - and you look beautiful in it. Wow. Oops. Now I think I need one of those.