27 April 2007

Better Today

I went back to both government buildings today and things went much more smoothly. Phew! The birth certificate was ready at the stated time, then the slip of paper given to me by the passport rep really did let me jump the line as promised.

And Now For A "Stop and Smell the Roses" Moment:

I briefly noticed on Wednesday that the provincial building (MacDonald Block, 900 bay Street) contains some interesting looking art. Well today, having time and a camera, I took a closer look. The place is a veritable modern art gallery. Every hallway contains several huge installations in all sorts of media. I suppose they must have been commissioned with the structure as each piece is dated 1968. Stunning pieces and BIG - we're talking floor to ceiling and 4 to 8 feet wide. Unfortunately, the lighting is horrendous. Thus, the works are not shown at their best and the photos are mostly blurry.

Franklin Arbuckle: Acrylic polymer on canvas 1968

Detail below

Aba Bayefsky: Acrylic polymer on plaster 1968

Attention Fibre Freaks!

This is the one that got me - a two storey high, beaded weaving. It's hanging in a darkish stairway so the photo does it nowhere near justice. The colours are amazing and each acrylic bead is larger than my fist. Go see this next time you're at Bay and Wellesley. It's right off the main atrium in the stairs going to the second floor.



Miss Scarlett said...

Yay! Glad everything worked out better today.'

That is wild - I wish more buildings had art displays, it would seriously detract from that feeling of soulessness you get in large buildings, especially offices.

I love the Aba Bayefsky one. Great colours.

The beads are larger than your fist? That is wild.
Thanks for sharing.

koko puff said...

This is neat -- I will have to check out this beaded/fibre piece sometime!

stitch-dom said...

Lovely art - I love the reference to acrylic polymer - nowadays we just call it acrylic paint I think (not an expert)...

I'm glad your day went better...the whole birth certificate issue is nuts - I worked for the city when I was in high school (summers) and we were the drop off point for birth certificate forms. So I have experienced making people frustrated first hand! Although I have to admit - I have always tried to be pleasant.