04 March 2007

Vintage Yarn

I whipped up yet another pair of wrist warmers as a birthday gift for a friend. The party was last night and I never got around to taking a picture. No biggie...same Bat pattern, same Bat technique, though I sewed on a few beads for decoration this time.

What's actually interesting about this pair is the yarn. I dug deep into the stash and found a skein I forgot I had. It was leftover from a fateful boyfriend sweater of 2o years ago! This is vintage yarn people! I don't believe Spinrite even exists as a brand anymore though it is still the corporate name of the makers of Bernat and Patons. And check out the price tag. Remember when department stores sold yarn? In fact, it used to be the only place to buy in smaller towns. And $1.64 a skein! Ah, memories...

Also, check out this fabulous site of Russian Fibre artist, Natasha Fadeeva, who knits and felts gorgeous (really gorgeous!) stuffed toys.

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