22 March 2007

Textile Loveliness

I took myself off to the Textile Museum yesterday as a pick me up. It's lovely and quiet there early on a weekday. The current show Colour & Light: Embroidery from India and Pakistan, is captivating. There's a white lace sari on display that is entirely embroidered. That's over 12 feet of diaphanous cloth stitched by hand. It apparently took several people two years to complete. Also currently hanging in the rotating permanent collection room is a prize winning, early 2oth century, log cabin quilt from Quebec. I stared and stared.

I bought a membership so I can visit any time. They're looking for volunteers. I've decided to sign up. Perhaps I can work in their splendid gift shop selling yummy fibery bobbles.

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stitch-dom said...

That sounds lovely - I am coming to TO during Easter and wish I had time to visit the museum! Maybe next time. I'm sorry to hear about the struggles with depression and how it is impacting on enjoying books and reading. I have periodic but short-lived episodes like that too that leave me feeling listless and a bit at a loss. Sometimes even knitting is too much.