10 March 2007

Ok, This Is Absolutely The Very Last Time...

But honestly...a buck a skein!
Kelly and I braved the Knitomatic basement clearance this morning. Not wanting to line up, we purposely arrived late after a leisurely brunch. We still had to line up. The wee store was packed to capacity and people were leaving with two and three bags stuffed full. Theoretically, the sale continues tomorrow, but there's really not much left.

At the aforementioned dollar, I got:
  • 5 skeins King Skipper 100% cotton in a bright emerald shade.
  • 8 beautiful Kikki cotton/linen/viscose (a favourite), Colour 110, a blue/peach.
  • 4 deep plum Scheepjes cotton blend.
  • 1 Estelle Mirage poly ribbon tape for crafts. Shiny pink/orange/gold.
  • 2 King Korallo, a weird sparkly multi-coloured woven yarn for The Daughter. "Bring me something pretty." she said. Pretty enough?

Not for a dollar but greatly reduced:

  • 1 Lambs Pride superwash in misty blue.
  • 1 Lana Grossa sock yarn the colour of autumn maple leaves
  • 1 Scheepjes Invicta Colours sock yarn in 1713, a lime/orange/cream variegated.

Cool huh? Also, here is the latest FO - my Broadripple socks done in Paton's Kroy, the yarn given to me by my first Secret Pal, Sherril. (Thanks again !). This is the first pair of socks that I've made for myself that I really love. They fit and the Winter Eclipse colours just make my feet happy.


Baa Bonny Belle said...

Great job on the socks. I'm glad you were able to use the yarn I sent and that you have joined the ranks of "sock knitter".

Great haul on the sale. Yep, a leisurely brunch is perfect, that way while one is still standing in line the tummy is happy and content.

Now, to see what wonderful items you will create with all that fiber.

Happy Sunday to you!

Miss Scarlett said...

Whoa! Look at that yarn. Heaps of it! For such a fantastic price no less!
Your socks look fabulous. I really love them. The pattern and the colourway are great.
Imagine all the FO's you will have to enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Love the socks. A buck a skein who could resist that? I have been known to find $1 skeins at Big Lots and buy all that they had (which is usually about $15 worth) so I can definitely relate.

stitch-dom said...

oohhh! pretty yarn and lovely socks! The Broadripple were the first pair I ever knit and I might do them again in a softer wool - I used the cascade fixation and its a bit too cottony for my liking.

I have never seen a $1 sale...but I can only imagine that at that price it must be hard to consider storage space in all the bargain haze! Enjoy your new wool!